I am involved in various open source projects and communities, mostly the Drupal community. When I write some code or make a discovery I make some attempt to contribute back to the community and have listed some of those contributions here. These contributions might be code, documentation, or just answers to questions.


Drupal profile: dieuwe

Maintainer for:
  • Simplenews Statistics (module)
  • Node Order (module)
  • YUI Grid (theme)
My projects:
  • Simplenews filter (module)


GitHub account: dieuwedeboer

Due to my work currently being exclusively with Drupal, I do very little with GitHub. That being said, there may be GitHub projects I will be working on in the future. Stay tuned.


StackExchange network profile: dieuwe

As a developer, I spend a lot of time on the StackExchange network, usually looking for answers, but I do my best to leave answers when I can.

Favourite Q&A sites:
  • Stack Overflow
  • Ask Ubuntu
  • Drupal Answers
Category: Contributions