Great Golden Gift Ideas For The Golden Anniversary

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Fiftieth anniversary is what people call the golden age in wedding anniversaries. This is a major milestone in marriage, if not a rare one considering the skyrocketing divorce rates in the country. And because it is the golden age, it is but only fitting that gift suggestions for couples who are celebrating their 50th anniversary will also involve a lot of gold.

Below are some great gift ideas that you will find useful when you do attend a golden wedding anniversary.

1. Buy a gold pendant with the picture of the two off them on it. There are specialty jewelry stores that do this kind of service. All you have to do is scout for it in malls.

2. Buy a gold jewelry, whether a ring, a necklace or a bracelet and put their engraved names on it. This is a great gift especially for couples who are fond of wearing matching everything even when they are really old.

3. Buy plates with gold markings or a border that is made of gold. Finding a chinaware like this may seem difficult but this is something that will definitely put a smile on the couple’s face.

4. Key chains and key holders are also great gift ideas for wedding anniversaries. Why not buy something that really matches.

5. A locket is another suggestion that couples will find endearing. One drawback to this is the fact that it is only appropriate to the woman. Still you can make it a gift for them both by putting their pictures inside.

6. If you can’t buy the jewelry, why not buy the next best thing and buy a jewelry box. There are actually great golden jewelry boxes in store. Some are gold-plated that may last for decades while other are just cheaper versions that will probably wear off after some time. Any of these two kinds are already good buy depending on the budget that you have.

7. Gold home furnishings are all the rage this year. Of course, the gift need not be a golden metal. One can actually buy pillowcases that are weaved with golden or metallic threads. There are also leather products that come in gold colors. One of the most popular is of course lamp shades that are made of golden metal.

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8. It may be the most common piece of gift that a person can give in any occasion but giving a golden photo frame can also be special by putting a great picture of the couple in the picture frame.

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